The Building Our Youth and Community (BOYAC) program began in 2007 with the sole purpose of providing our young men between the ages of 14-18 the opportunity to improve their academic performance and become self-sufficient by teaching them construction skills.

BOYAC was created to help court involved young men that have experienced significant challenges with school truancy and numerous probation violations an opportunity to remain in the community with more structure and supervision. BOYAC is the most intensive proram the court operates as it requires all participants to be under court supervision for 10 hours a day, Monday-Friday, 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The program employs an education coordinator, who provides educational assistance for participants and 2 Construction Coordinators and taught construction/carpentry skills. The construction curriculum used is the National Center for Constuction Education Research, (NCCER). This program covers basic safety, communication skills and basic construction skills.

BOYAC addresses many areas of concern in the lives of our youth in the program.
The program has proven to improve participants’ school attendance and grades. Our small class room size allows our youth to receieve the much needed one on one attention that, at times, is lacking in traditional classrooms. Youth have also shown improved grades and are able to recapture many credits they need to get back on grade level and graduate on time. Several of our participants have been able to obtain all of their high school credits making them eligible to graduate from the program.

The program also helps reduce recidivism. Given the structure, supervision and accountability of the program, we have seen a decrease in our participants committing new delinquency and unruly offenses.

As noted previously, our youth receieve 10 hours of education, structure and supervision. They are also required to appear before a judicial Official monthly with parents to report on their progress in the program. The final area, perhaps the most important piece, is the construction and job training and job skills kids learn. Youth placed in the program, must attend and complete a 16 week job training course, Skills for Life. The program teaches our youth critical soft skills, how to properly complete job applications, how to interview properly through mock interviews and most importantly they learn specific constructions skills. Our youth learn how to use a tape measure correctly, paint, drywall, lay flooring and many other skills.

Average length of stay in the program is 9-12 months.


BOYAC Director,
Wynette Carter-Smith
Construction Coordinator,
Paul Leibold
Construction Coordinator,
Charles Walker