Mentoring Frequently Asked Question

  • How long are participants in the mentoring program?
    • We ask that when commit to mentoring that you are committing to at least a one year term.


  • How often do I meet with my mentee?
    • It is required to meet with you mentee at least 4 hours a month, at least 1 hour a week. If you prefer meet more with your mentee that would be up to your


  • Is there additional training that I would need to complete after the initial training?
    • Yes, Several times throughout the year there will be different opportunities for trainings that would address child advocacy, youth development, substance abuse, etc. Our hope would be that you would attend these trainings in person, or online for at least 12 hours of additional training throughout the year you are mentoring.


  • What is expected of mentor?
    • It is expected that you meet with your mentee weekly. Once you move through the beginning stages of mentoring the hope would be that you and your mentee communicate on a regular basis. That your mentee is involved in the decision making process of what activities you will be doing. Help your mentee set goals. The main expectation is be their friend and someone they can count on.


  • Can I end my relationship during the program?
    • Our hope is that we, as staff, will be here to help you through the difficult times of your mentor relationship. Some relationships could be challenging and we are committed to help you and your mentee process those challenges. However; we are aware, that sometimes the match won’t work and for those events, if all avenues have been exhausted, then we can look re-matching.


  • How are mentees matched?
    • We look carefully at the mentor application and the mentee application to see if there are common interests or hobbies. We also look at personalities and professions and try to match accordingly.


  • Who makes the first contact?
    • The first contact will be with the mentor, program staff, mentee and mentee’s family, in their home_ at this time, we will go over ground rules and expectations; and both mentor and mentee will sign a mentoring contract. We encourage both to make contact, however, it is the mentor’s responsibility to reach out the mentee to schedule meetings.


  • How many mentees can I have at one time?
    • We are encouraging one mentee per mentor.


We want to be able to create a strong bonded relationship between mentor and mentee.