Mediation at Clark County Juvenile Court

Our Mediators

Raymon Payton has worked for the Clark County Juvenile Court since 2000. He began as a probation officer and then transitioned into the Assistant Chief Probation Officer position. He has been the Mediation Director since August of 2013. He does all of the county school mediations, juvenile court cases, domestic relation cases, and Job and Family Services cases. Prior to working at the Juvenile Court, he used his education degree as a full time substitute teacher.

Barbara Lehman is an attorney/mediator who has been employed by the Clark County Juvenile Court since 2001, working primarily in Springfield City Schools mediating between family, student, and school staff for issues of attendance, behavior, and academics. She has also mediated cases at court. Prior to becoming a mediator, she worked in Indiana at a county prosecutor’s office, Legal Services, and at the Court of Appeals.

Tim Voltz has worked for Clark County Juvenile Courts as a Mediator since 2017.  He has conducted over 280 mediations in the Springfield City School district at the Elementary, Middle, and High school levels.  Prior to serving at the Juvenile Courts, Tim worked in Springfield for five years in various capacities in the non-profit community with organizations such as Oesterlen Services for Youth, Think Tank, Inc., and Springfield Christian Youth Ministries.  Tim graduated from Cedarville University.



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